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Send professional- visually dynamic e-mails simply and swiftly!

Connext e-news is a powerful combination of publishing, marketing and technology. Whether you are looking to communicate with your clients, resellers, suppliers, prospects, or employees, we have the solution for you to create professional E-Marketing communications (e-newsletters, promotions, announcements). Connext e-news will enable your business to expand customer relationships and establish brand association, while you build customer profiles.

Our clients are finding new customers through Informative Marketing and retain current customers through Retention Marketing with permission-based e-newsletters.


You are doing a great job on the BWCC newsletter. I am so excited about the professional appearance, technical improvements, ability to track click-throughs and incredible over-all improvements in the emailed newsletter. This is one way we will be able to track the results of our communications — a real improvement for the organization. Thanks for doing such a great job!
Best regards, Gloria Berthold, President
Baltimore Washington Chamber of Commerce, 2004

I have to say. I sent my newsletter out in a PDF format for well over one year before I came to you and we converted to your format.  I do not recall ONE TIME anyone ever asked to be added to the email list because a colleague had sent them a copy.  Almost every month now I get at least one new contact – someone asking to be added to the distribution because a colleague sent them a copy (or their boss :-) Thanks again for all you’ve done.
Christine V. Walters MAS JD SPHR
FiveL Company


We can create a design based on your current company brand, create a new design, or you may upload your own design. Use our online design editor to create compelling content without extensive technical knowledge. Add images, colors and change fonts to templates in a familiar word processing environment. Embed trackable links to websites and include your own ads or photos.

Contact List

Upload your own Contact List
Merge/purge/export lists
Check Real-time reporting
Click through reports
The eNews system automatically filters invalid email addresses and duplicates for deletion


View statistics about your mailings. What percentage of people opened your message? Which links were clicked the most? Analyze reports, and make future communications more effective. Your mailing lists, images and past newsletters are stored on our secure servers. That means you can access your data from any PC, worldwide. Each email will contain an easy to use unsubscribe message.


Prices assume you are hosting your website with us. If you host elsewhere, add $5/month to each price.

$750 Design and Integration  or  $250 to Integrate and set-up your own design.
$14.95/month for a maximum of 2,000
$24.95/month for a maximum of 5,000
$34.95/month for a maximum of 10,000
$59.95/month for a maximum of 20,000
$109.95/month for a max of 40,000
$209.95/month for a max of 80,000
$229.95/month for a max of 100,000
$299.95/month for a max of 150,000
$410.95/month for a max of 200,000

Note: The Mailing fee can be paid by the month with a credit card on file or a year in advance with a 10% discount.

$250 for a check-off box that allows people to select on your form page that they do want to receive your enews so their info will get added to the enews database.